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Brand New Merch Store!

Hey guys,

If you scroll down on our main page or click the “Merch” link on any of our pages, you will see a link to our brand new store!

The items on offer there are printed directly from “Spreadshirt” who deal with all the printing, packaging and postage for us so we don’t have to hold endless stock. Because of this you may find the prices are a little higher than at live shows for example, but there is not a lot of difference and for the great service that “Spreadshirt” offer, we think it is worth it.

Have a look around the new store and see what you think.

We are also always up for feedback on what items or colours etc you would like to be available, for example if you see a great T-Shirt but you would prefer a Yellow or Red one, then just let us know in the comments or via our “Contact” form on the website and we will try our best to make the product available to you.

Happy browsing!


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Click the T-Shirt, to go straight to the store!


– Obzidian

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Back in the Studio…

As the 1 year anniversary for “Concrete Psychosis” draws near, the work on the next album begins. As yet there is no name for the album and only a handful of the 9 tracks we have so far are named but you can expect more thrash, more speed, more death and more groove. Just how we like it!

The album should begin final recording around the end of this year to aim for a spring/summer release next year via our new family at Rocksector Records.

Watch this space for updates and studio blogs.


– Obzidian

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Welcome to V2!

Welcome to the new website everyone!

Have a look around, check out the brand new store with a load more items for offer and check out our media section for Videos and Pics etc.

News will be updated on a regular basis as will tour dates so you can keep up to date on the latest goings on with the band.

Look out for studio blogs coming soon as work on the 3rd album begins.

Lot’s to do, but also lot’s of excitement coming along!


– Obzidian

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Obzidian – British Thrash Metal from the Home of Metal since 2001…

Obzidian goes back to the founder’s high school days when Baz (guitars), Paul (drums) and Jeffsy (bass) formed the basis of the band in 2001. Having added a couple of further members in the formative years, by early 2005, the line-up was stripped back to just one guitarist, Baz, whilst Matty J was added as frontman and vocalist, and the band’s current groove-laden sound was conceived. In March 2007 the band signed with Casket Records and went on to release their self-titled debut in 2007 and “Damned Eternal” in 2012. They played extensively in support of these two releases building a solid reputation across the UK, sharing the stage with the likes of Sepultura, Crowbar, Il Nino and Arch Enemy. “A touch of Sabbathy doom and a hint of death metal violence” Kerrang! Now in 2014 they unleash their 3rd full length offering “Concrete Psychosis” which was released on 8th September on Rocksector Records. Mark Appleton, label manager at Rocksector says “We first saw Obzidian playing live in Manchester and they immediately impressed. Later when we heard the early mixes of the album we were struck by the extraordinarily tight brutal sound which is clear, concise and immense. They’re an exciting prospect for the label and we relish the opportunity to work with them”. Obzidian are: Barry Foster (guitars) | Paul Hayward (drums, vocals) | Matthew Jeffs (bass) | Matthew Jenks (lead vocals)

How to Book/Contact Obzidian…

We have a simple contact page for anyone wishing to enquire regarding bookings and tours. Alternatively our agents can be emailed directly at: (Luke Appleton – Rocksector Records/Iced Earth).

2015 Onwards…

2015 Has been a great year and has seen the partnership between Rocksector Records and Obzidian bloom and march head on into the Metal scene. The band are currently in the studio in between live shows to write and record new material for their 3rd official release. Live shows further afeild, inluding mainland Europe are on the cards along with some festival slots in the coming months. Keep one eye on this website for the latest info.


Concrete Psychosis Sampler



Damned Eternal Sampler




Tour Dates

19 Sep 2015 Carlisle The Brickyard The Brickyard Buy ticket - £6.00
25 Sep 2015 Stafford, Staffordshire The Morris Man The Morris Man free
23 Oct 2015 Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire The Rigger The Rigger
24 Oct 2015 Oldham, Lancashire Whittles Whittles free
07 Nov 2015 Wolverhampton, West Midlands The Giffard Arms The Giffard Arms
11 Dec 2015 Stafford, Staffordshire The Morris Man The Morris Man free



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Click on the T-Shirt to see our new merch store!


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